We’re not just your average salon.  At Oyin Handmade, our expert Stylists create an experience for you, from consulting with you about the full scope of your hair care and styling goals to using our line of nourishing products made with food-grade ingredients. 

You will not only leave our salon with beautifully-styled, healthy hair, but with an understanding of how to provide continual care to your hair between appointments.





Go ahead. DIY those beautiful tresses! But be sure to stop in for our Healthy Hair Treatments (steam, trims, and conditioning) in between, using only our line of Oyin Handmade products.


All of your natural hair styling needs right here, from twists to braid outs to updos. We also offer protective styles and extensions.


Using our nourishing line of products, our stylists cleanse, maintain, style, and repair your locs, ensuring continued hair health.





A consultation is required of all new clients. It is a time where client and stylist get to know one another and the stylist can make an assessment of the clients’ hair and its condition. A hair and scalp analysis is given as well as product recommendation, advice about proper diet that affects the hair/skin, what to expect during a service and what goals the client would like to achieve with the overall health of their hair. During this time the stylist and client will go over and review the Salon Policies and Pricing so that clients will know what to expect during their visit.
If an appointment is scheduled within two weeks of the consultation, the consultation fee is deducted from the service once services are rendered.
This also acts as a security deposit for the scheduled appointment and is non-refundable if client decides not to schedule within the allotted time.

Color Consultation

This consultation is conducted to ensure that the client and stylist are sure and confident about the decision to color the hair. Clients can choose their desired color from swatches/samples. When the color service is scheduled, a deposit is required to purchase custom color.



Healthy Hair Shaping Cut w/steam

Deep massaging cleanse, deep conditioning steam treatment, a cut/trim which focuses on healthy ends and a flattering shape ideal for your hair’s texture, your lifestyle,  & desired maintenance level. Includes 15 minute steam treatment and “wash & go” finger styling with product of your choice. ;o) 

Loose and Lovin’ It: Coil Out

$80 and up.
This two-step process style is done by parting the hair into sections and coiling the hair with a small toothed comb and organic styling products while the hair is still wet. Client’s hair is set by sitting under a hooded dryer then coils are plucked out and teased to add more texture and to hide partings.

Loose and Lovin’ It: Fros

Service includes shampoo, conditioner, and shaping to achieve desired “Fro” look.

Loose and Lovin’ It: Rod, Flexi Rod, or Straw Sets

$85 and up.
Loose hair is set on rods or straws to create a full, spiral, curly, coily style. Can be done on medium length or long hair/natural and “transitional” hair.
Includes penetrating massage cleanse and condition. 

Loose and Lovin’ It: Shampoo and Blow Dry

$35 and up.
Clients who would love to come and relax for a brief moment without receiving a full service or a wash&go can enjoy a spa shampoo, conditioner, scalp massage and blow dry.

Loose and Lovin’ It: Twist Out

$70 and up.
This style is great if you love texture, volume, and definition. Hair is twisted and set with rods or bantu knots, dried, and taken out and sculpted.
Includes massaging cleanse and condition.

Loose and Lovin’ It: Wash & Go

A thorough massaging cleanse, a honey hemp conditioning, and light finger styling using a moisturizing/holding product of your choice. Perfect for a quick refresh! 

For extra hydration, try our ‘get steamy’ treatment, under ‘awesome add-ons’ 


Loose and Lovin’ It: Wash&Go + Trim

$65 and up.
A thorough massaging cleanse, a honey hemp conditioning, trim and light finger styling using a moisturizing/holding product of your choice.
This service removes up to 1 1/2 inches of hair from the ends to maintain healthy hair. For clients who are completely natural this service can be done every 8-10 weeks or so. Transition clients may opt to trim more often to gradually remove relaxer from the hair.

Silk Press (Blow Out)

$75 and up.
This style is best done during cooler months if the client’s hair is natural, as there is less humidity in the air. Clients’ hair can be blown out and flat ironed using appropriate heat setting, careful not to cause any heat damage. If needed for coarser hair a hot comb may be used. This style includes a trim if needed and a discounted steam treatment.

Stylist’s Choice

$85 and up.
This service is for new clients who are not quite sure of the style they’d like to schedule but who are open to the many styling possibilities they have for their hair. It could be coils, frohawk, twists, designer flat twists, rods, or any combination of styles.
It’s called Stylist’s Choice, but we work with you to find the style that’s right for you! Live on the wild side. ;0)

Total Makeover Haircut $75-$90

A thorough massaging cleanse, deep conditioning steam treatment, and a total makeover haircut which focuses on healthy ends and a flattering haircut that’s all about style!

TwistedUp: Coils

Deep penetrating cleanse & honey hemp conditioning, then a lovely set of comb coils.
Coils are done by using a small-toothed comb and creating a single strand twist. Usually best on hair that is shorter than 4 inches.

TwistedUp: Flat Twists and Cornrows

$80 and up.
Flat twists are done with two strands of hair to look like a cornrow. The twists are done close to the scalp and parts can be simple or very intricate and detailed. Flat twist can also be done to create texture for a “Twist Out”.

TwistedUp: Palm Rolls/Freestyle Twists

$80 and up.
Palm rolls are done to create a sculpted and “funky” look to the natural hair. Less scalp is visible compared to coils. Gives the style definition and can be done in various sizes to suit client’s desire.

TwistedUp: Two Strand Twists

$90 and up.
Two strand twists — a wonderful protective style — w/deep massaging cleanse and honey hemp condition included. Pricing variation depends on length and thickness of hair. 
Two Strand Twists are done by taking two strands of hair (at desired thickness) and overlapping them from the root of the hair down to the ends. Can be done on hair that is 4 inches or longer, wet or blown dry.


Deep penetrating cleanse & honey hemp conditioning, then a natural updo.




Cleanse & Maintenance

A thorough massaging cleanse, a conditioning rinse, and twisted/palm rolled loc maintenance using a moisturizing/holding product of your choice.  Styling additional.

Cleanse, Maintenance, & Style – $80-125

A thorough massaging cleanse, a conditioning rinse, and twisted/palm rolled loc maintenance using a moisturizing/holding product of your choice. Includes a simple style.  

Hair Shaping for Locs

$25 and up.
Clients looking for a change with their Locs may want to add layers, a bang, or bob, etc. Shaping the locs is done using a specific technique as not leave the locs “open” and prone to unraveling.

Interlocking for Traditional Locs

$120 and up.
Traditional Locs are cultivated using the “Interlock” method to provide a longer lasting maintenance and is done without the use of clips or heat. Signature Shampoo, Condition, oil treatment, and scalp massage are included. Lasts 6+ weeks.

Loc Cultivation / “Starter Locs”

$100 and up.
Loc Cultivation (also known as starter locs) can be started by coils, double strands, palm rolling the hair (to provide a more organic look).

Loc Extensions

$800 and up.
Clients who do not wish to go through all the stages of Locking, may find that Loc Extensions work for them. Hair is added to create and form a natural looking loc at the desired length and thickness. A Consultation and Deposit are required before this service can be scheduled. *pricing does not include the cost of hair*

Loc Joining

$100 and up.
Clients who have mature locks and want thicker, fuller locks can “join” their locks together in lieu of starting a whole new set.

Loc Maintenance/Color Retouch/Style

$120 and up.
Clients receive a retouch of the custom color previously applied, and loc maintenance and choice of style.
*This service is available for existing color clients ONLY.  First time color clients require a Color Consultation and deposit.*

Loc Maintenance/Color/Style

$150 and up.
Clients receive a custom haircoloring service, conditioning treatment, loc maintenance and choice of creative loc styling.
*starting price only and may increase based on desired color results*
*This service is available for existing color clients ONLY. First time color clients require a Color Consultation and deposit.*

Loc Repair

$10 and up.
Loc Repair can be done several ways. The technique will be determined during client consultation. Pricing is $10 per loc.

Microloc Re-Tighten/Color Retouch/Style

$180 and up.
Color retouch service, microloc re-tighten and desired style.
*This service is available for existing color clients ONLY. First time clients and color clients require a Consultation and deposit.*

Microloc Re-Tighten/Color/Style

$180 and up.
A custom color is selected and applied, microlock re-tighten service and desired style included.
*This service is available for existing color clients ONLY. First time clients and color clients require a Consultation and deposit.*

Microloc Re-Tightening

$140 and up.
Clients receive lock grooming services with a tool that sets to the scalp using a specific technique. This maintenance will last for up to 9 weeks before needing to be re-tightened. Pricing is for services taking up to 4 hours and an additional $25 is charged for every hour after. Choice of style is included in this service.

Microlocs Installation

$700 and up.
Locs can be cultivated using a variety of techniques. Many clients who want the “Locked Look” right away or a more “Professional” appearance with their locks opt to using the Microloc or Interlocking Techniques. This method is an alternative to the Sisterlock TM method and can vary in size, however they are most often done in a rather small size.
Due to the intricacy of the style it can take up to a total of 36 hours (these can be broken up in several sessions) to complete depending on the clients hair.
A consultation and deposit are required and test locs will be installed so that the client can get a true feel for this technique.

Spa Shampoo and Style for Locs

$50 and up.
Receive our three step spa shampoo, conditioning treatment, and roller set/braid set/pipe set etc. and style. For clients with locs, interlocks, and microlocs.




3-in-1 Loc Styling

Locs are braided, rope/double strand twisted and designed into a basic style. The basic style can taken down later for a second style then braids, rope/double strand twists and be undone to create a deep wave or crinkle effect to the hair. Long lasting style and great for those active/busy clients.

Advanced Loc Styling

Styles are created with more intricacy and detail. Styles include free style designs, double twists, rope twists, intricate fish tails, detailed updos, which are great for events and more. Hair may be secured using pins or rubber bands. Takes between 30 to 40 minutes to create the style. Priced at 40 dollars and up without a Loc Grooming service

Bantu Knots for Locs

Groups of Locs are separated into sections, twirled, and secured in a knot. It can be taken down to reveal a soft, curly look. Lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Basic Loc Styling

$10 and up.
Quick styling for clients who desire a simple yet stylish look. These include buns, ponytails, large fishtails, etc. Styling is done without the use of pins, rubber bands or clips and takes no longer than 15 min. Without a Loc Grooming service basic styling is $25.

Basket Weave

$20 and up.
Creative loc styling where the locs are weaved into each other to resemble a basket weave pattern.

Chenille Curls / “Pipe” Set

$30 and up.
Locs are groomed and set on pipe cleaners to give a more defined curl. Clients can opt to shave them removed in the salon and locs styled or leave them in for a different look then remove them later for another style.

Loc Knots

$35 and up.
Individual/Multiple Locs are styled by wrapping the locs around each other and securing them with rubber bands or by a tie. This style gives locs a short coiled look and when taken down a spiral curl or a deep wave.

Locs w/ Curls

$25 and up.
Locs are groomed and set on cold wave or flexi rods to create a spiral curl (various size curls can be created).

Plaits/Double Twists

$25 and up.
Locs can be grouped together and plaited or twisted for a style and taken out to later have a crinkle or deep wave effect.

Rope Twists

Locs are styled in an intricate style where the locs are wrapped around one another and secured with rubber bands or by the loc itself.





Crochet Braids (INSTALL ONLY)

Hair is cornrowed and hair of choice is crocheted in. Typically a fluffy, fun protective look.  
Braids, twists, signature curls. INSTALL ONLY

Faux Locs

$155 and up.

Havana Twists


Poetic Justice Braids

Individual box braids with hair added. Get that 90s throwback look we all love! :o) 
Price varies depending on:
1. Braid Size: Medium or Jumbo
2. Desired Length: Shoulder, Mid-Back or Lower Back

Sew-In Afro Weave Synthetic


Weaving Installation Track & Sew

Extension weft secured by sewing




Big Chop

$85 and up.
The time has come! Let our experienced stylists cut away the chemically processed hair!
The Big Chop will remove all existing relaxer, sculpt your natural hair into a flattering shape, steam some moisture into those thirsty tendrils, and define your natural curl pattern with some organic styling products (a 3-in-1)!  <3

Natural Progression

$90 and up.
With this package you can receive a steam treatment to maintain moisture and prevent breakage between the two textures during your transition process; a trim to prevent split ends and gradually remove the relaxed hair; and a basic protective style (ie. twist out, big flexi rods, larger flat twists, etc.).



Children’s Coils

$50 and up.

Children’s Cornrows and Flat Twists

$55 and up.
Stationary cornrow and flat twists styled for patrons who are 10 years old and under.

Children’s Loc Maintenance

$45 and up.

Children’s Starter Locs

$65 and up.

Children’s Twists

$45 and up.